Assortment of letters from Castlegar News readers

Points of view on topics ranging from old age pensions to notable retail closure

Who gets my pension increase?

A few weeks ago, Mr. & Mrs. Lemphers told us they got an increase of $2.15 each in their Old Age Security pension cheque. Just letting you know I got a whopping $4.87 increase. Then in the Fortis BC newsletter they tell us the average power increase will be about $4.31 per month. Now that leaves me with about 56 cents. Should I buy groceries? Can’t buy a stamp or put it into savings so I will have money for the next increase for whoever needs it more.

I think seniors must get what’s left after the public service, Senators, and MPs get their outrageous pensions. This is what we seniors call “living on a fixed income,” and oh boy, does it need to be fixed!

-Betty Pinter




Let’s hear about Fields’ closure


This paper should be ashamed to call itself a local paper.

We have a business which has been in this town for over 30years and there has been no mention in this paper that it is closing its doors. Every other local paper has covered the closure except tthis paper.

The store is Fields, its part of the Hudson Bay Corp. and you cannot be bothered to cover it, there will be a lot of people who will miss this store. So please run a story on it.



-Peter Hawkins, Castlegar

Suggestion noted, ed.



School Bullies

There is a new school bully in town and I’m not going to stand by and let my children be pushed around anymore. I’ve tried listening, consideration and respect and nothing has stoppped this bully from interfering with my childrens right to a safe and complete education. This bully must be removed from our schools so our educators can do there job without interuption and our students have a safe and positive environment to learn in.  This bully has been in our schools for 90 years, that’s right, 90 years. Like most bullies they don’t start out mean and manipulative, but somewhere along the line they became selfish and inconsiderate. This bully must be removed from our schools.

Now, as far as the job action goes, educators are told by the BCTF to stop doing a complete job until “the Plan” is implemented. In my opinion “the Plan” is an objective to strive for WHILE delivering the best education educators can. While this job action goes on our children suffer even more.The students are extremely frustrated, dissappointed, hurt, angry and fed up with this job non-action!. The BCTF wants us to believe this is for the better, that this will guarantee job safety, security and future needs for our children. The BCTF is a teachers federation NOT a student federation. In my opinion the BCTF’s interests lie with the business of teaching not learning.



-Kyle Burk