Bears Need Not Be Shot

Writer stresses the need for better coexistence with wildlife in and around Castlegar

We are sick at heart to hear another two bears were shot recently in Castlegar. Each female bear left a cub. These orphan cubs are now left to wander with no mother to teach them what to eat and where to find it. They could starve and eventually be shot. Is it really necessary to eliminate our bears? Not to mention the danger of stray bullets, bears need not have such a sad, senseless and violent end.

If the mother bears were just passing through, why is that an issue? If they have stopped to eat food (garbage) left outside, then we are to blame. We understand if it’s a problem bear (created by us), but these bears apparently were not threatening people. Bears need not be shot.

When you phone in a bear sighting, the bear is no longer relocated. It is shot. Soon few bears will be left in our area. Living in the Kootenay’s is enjoyable because we are close to nature; and visiting tourists likewise anticipate seeing our wild animals.

We need to understand we are living in wildlife habitat. This is their territory. Let us be responsible and share this land with the wild animals we profess to appreciate. Just being afraid of a bear is no reason to shoot it. Bears have a right to life too! Let’s hope the orphan clubs survive.


Leona Ann Friesen,