Bristling at river restrictions

Letter writer feels members of the public can handle water risk

Unnecessary fear undermines quality of life.  While visiting a friend living near your Millenium Park I observed a curious spectacle.

People, many people old and young, were driving to the park, turning and driving away. Although it was assumed by me they left feeling disappointed because their natural pleasure of being in the park was thwarted, it may be some came to prove to themselves what a sorry state our fear is leaving us in.

Someone is afraid that we are immature. Someone is afraid we are not aware, feeble, and possibly not intelligent. Someone is possibly afraid there are some dollars to lose. Someone is taking away our freedom to have a walk in the park.

Earlier, when the water wasn’t as high but parts of the path were covered there were families in full beach gear enjoying themselves. It was a pleasure to see.

Freedom comes with responsibility. We need to set aside our fear and go enjoy the park, have a look at the awesome splendor of nature. Accept the punishment, if any of exercising our right to go walking in the park. There may be some silliness but the inconvenience would be worth it.

There are spots upstream and down from the park where the water is just as “dangerous” but no barricades. Why?  And what is next? Mandatory water wings or safety vests for swimming? No chickens in the back yard?

Come, let’s be baaaaaad.

George Kolesnikoff