Mayor Bruno Tassone (Submitted Photo)

Mayor Bruno Tassone (Submitted Photo)

Castlegar mayor looks at 2019

Mayor Tassone looks to strategic planning and budgets for 2019 — and beyond

The Castlegar News asked community leaders to share what they see in store for Castlegar in 2019. Here is what Mayor Bruno Tassone had to say.

The major issue facing Castlegar in 2019 is the reliability of the airport. The hurdle in trying to move forward is getting Nav Canada and Transport Canada to adopt the changing regulations so that the required navigation performance (RNP) has a chance to work.

Another major issue is the community complex. We must find a way to include all stakeholders, with consideration that it has to be something that is affordable for everyone.

My personal goal for 2019 is to start on our current asset management plan, moving forward on finishing the asset management planning on buildings, parks, etc. These will have financial impacts moving forward in not only 2019 but in the next four years.

I think it is important to tackle the funding of all of our assets right now.

It is going to be interesting to see the direction the new council would like to focus on. The challenge will be the strategic plan and budgets not only for 2019 but again the next four years.

For myself personally, I am thankful that the open-door policy seems to be well received from the citizens, the staff at city hall and the public works department. This is very rewarding and encouraging for me. I look forward to continued feedback from the citizens.