Challenges come in all sizes

Not a lot of vitriol in Castlegar's civic campaign, so far, at least

Castlegar presents an interesting election scenario – interesting, in part, because the city doesn’t seem to have a particularly hot issue or issues generating election fever in the community.

It’s not as though the concerns of the “crossroads” city are not serious and important, it’s just that it may not be as easy to get passionate about issues like water and sewer service to the airport lands, as it would be, for instance, to ponder the pros and cons of a new open pit mine in the neighbourhood.

Then again, from the outside looking in, other towns and cities where emotions are boiling over may be doing so over some issues that appear mundane… it all depends on the personalities involved.

To an observer with less than six months on the local scene there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of animosity between candidates. That being said, it does look like the race for mayor will turn out to be an exciting one.

Plenty of surprises may be in store at the All Candidates Meeting coming up at the Fireside Inn this coming Tuesday.

This is the sort of event that’s well worth attending, likely to demonstrate the very most important personal qualities of each candidate.

In-person debate is a high point in every election campaign, at every level.

Do yourself a favour and find out how the competitors rise to the challenge.