Children pet-less due to driver

Driver possibly drunk, definitely in a hurry

On Saturday night around 11:30, after the free concert, my family’s dog was hit by a car and killed. Apparently the backroad on Arrowlakes Drive was the road of choice for those attending the concert who had been drinking, to avoid any road blocks.

I have a question for those who chose that route. Could you please go and explain to my seven-year-old son and his four-year-old sister as to why you hit their dog? Why their father had to bury the year-old puppy at 12:30 a.m. after figuring out how he would tell his children in the morning when the dog was not there for the morning snuggles. Do you think the “No Drinking and Driving” law does not pertain to you or that it was not made for a reason? Thankfully it was not my child! I hope you woke up the next morning with a gut-wrenching feeling, and not one of a hangover, but one of knowing you killed a family member of someone’s and caused a seven-year-old to have one of the worst days in his life, when he should have been splashing in the sun!

You should be ashamed of yourself!

Angie Zielinski ,