Student columnist angel-Muskaan Uppal. Submitted photo

COLUMN: Meet our new Stanley Humphries columnist

Angel-Muskaan Uppal will provide updates from the school

Meet your columnist

Hello. My name is Angel-Muskaan Uppal, and I am taking up the student column for the 2021-2022 school year. I am currently a Grade 12 student at Stanley Humphries who loves activities such as soccer, photography, and writing. I try to give back to my school and make a difference in any way possible, whether that be through yearbook, environmental club, student council, or this incredible student column.

SHSS is truly a great place to be, helping students from Grades 8-12 achieve, lead, and succeed. I cannot wait to share all the happenings at Castlegar’s local high school with the community! Buckle up, you’re in for a treat. Thanks for reading.

Fall sports

Sports at Stanley Humphries are back and better than ever. COVID-19 restrictions have become less strict, allowing for our soccer, volleyball, field hockey, and rugby teams to travel and compete once again. All the teams are doing a remarkable job representing SHSS. The boys’ soccer team lit up the field by placing third in their home tournament, the senior girls’ volleyball team tore up the court in Creston and Salmo, and the girls’ field hockey team took to Oliver for a wild tournament.

Stanley Humphries Secondary School senior girl’s volleyball team. Submitted photo

Stanley Humphries Secondary School senior girl’s volleyball team. Submitted photo

Nightmare on 7th

A spooky abandoned carnival was brought to Castlegar by the Grads of 2022 on Oct. 28. There were deadly clowns, bedeviled ringmasters, wild lions, and creepy acrobats. This annual fundraising event is usually held at Zuckerberg Island, but this year, similar to the last, it was morphed into a terrifying drive-by on 7th Avenue. It may not have been a conventional year, but the grads didn’t let this stop them from going all-out. The makeup, the costumes, and the props were all on point to deliver a spooktacular night of scares for community members. Thanks to the remarkable turnout and support from the community, the grads were able to fundraise $1,538 and 4,078.5 pounds of food for the food bank, one of the best statistics any graduating class has ever done.

Grads vs teachers

SHSS is building a tradition of intramural games between grads and teachers. In the first week of October, a team of Grade 12 students took on the teachers in a game of softball. This mini event was a hit with music, cheering, and a crowd of student/teacher spectators. They played two games, the Grade 12’s beating the teachers 2-0 and winning Timbits for their whole team to enjoy. With tiny donuts as an incentive, it’s pretty clear why the grads went so hard.

Student council

The student council is up and running again. In September, SHSS had a student-driven election for their student council prime minister and first deputy. There were three brilliant candidates for prime minister: Ereka McIvor, Angel-Muskaan Uppal, and Ethan Johnston. Two outstanding students ran for first deputy: Ty Hetchler and Reece Whitehead.

Congratulations to Ethan Johnston and Ty Hetchler, the student-elected council leaders. SHSS admires the determination and drive put forth by the other candidates, and they now hold executive positions within the council. This committed group of people work together to organize events for the entire school body to enjoy. The council is one of Stanley Humphries’ most important keys in creating a positive and meaningful atmosphere for both staff and students.

Stanley Humphries Secondary School student council for 2021-2022. Submitted photo

Stanley Humphries Secondary School student council for 2021-2022. Submitted photo

Terry Fox Run

The student council worked hard to organize the annual Terry Fox Run in a way that was safe for staff, students, and community members. The council wanted this event to be inclusive and meaningful for everyone in the building. In fact, it was less of a run and more of a walk. Classes took turns, two at a time, throughout the day to walk the trail for a great cause. Student council volunteers took the time to go class-to-class during the week to collect donations. Within three days, the school had fundraised upwards of $500. Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event successful.

Halloween at SH

October is known as the spooky season at Stanley Humphries. It is a month where the colours orange and black become just as common as SH’s usual blue and yellow. This year, Oct. 31 landed on a Sunday, so the student body decided to embrace their Halloween spirit throughout the week. The outstanding art teacher, Ms. Painter, took on decorating the school and organizing a pumpkin carving contest.

The student council prepared an interactive Halloween assembly like no other. It was innovation at its finest. The assembly took place on Friday, Oct. 29 through an online live broadcaster due to COVID-19 restrictions. Classes competed in events such as build-a-pumpkin, a live Kahoot, and a Just Dance. Throughout the day, staff and students were encouraged to enter a costume contest and participate in the pumpkin scavenger hunt. SH was overflowing with school spirit, crazy costumes, and uplifting vibes.