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Community Comment: Castlegar says thanks for saving our city from Merry Creek fire

Messages from a thankful community
Merry Creek Wildfire on June 2, 2021. Photo: Regional District Central Kootenay

Castlegar News received many comments of appreciation for those who fought or supported efforts at the Merry Creek fire. Here are some of them:

Kathy Allison — OMG Happy Dance!!!! Thank you so much for keeping my family safe.

Billy-Marie Padmoroff — glad to hear this. Special thanks to all the firefighters and volunteers. Stay alert and stay safe.

Linnett Schmuland — What a wonderful fire team we have thank you — I mean dispatchers ,fire fighters, emergency response team, evacuation team, air fighters, tree fallers, sorry if I missed anyone if so thank you as well. My prayers and heart goes out to the families sitting at home worrying about their heroes out there.

Bpdunn Dunn — Thank you to the men and women who put their own lives on the line to save us from disaster!

Dianne Casley — That’s great news this morning. Thank you to all the fire crews for doing a fantastic job at containing the Merry Creek fire. You are all heroes.

Joe Albrecht — All the fire crews did an amazing job! That was a scary situation. I’ve never see so much air traffic in the same space, it was incredible to watch. Ground crews, I can’t imagine how hot it is and face to face with the beast. Thanks for keeping us all safe.

Brian Mather — A big thanks to Copcan for doing all they did to keep us folks safe at Castlegar RV Park and Campground. They made sure we had power and water by supplying generators, fuel, a water truck, etc. They also gave the fire fighters the use of water trucks and drivers one afternoon.

Colleen Miller Kalnins —So happy. Thanks to all involved in saving our city.

Justin Maddocks —Thank you to everyone involved in keeping our families safe.

Richard Crockart — Big thanks to the crews that battled that blaze you people are awesome!

Chris Datchkoff — Thank you to everyone who was involved for the fantastic job done in fighting the Merry Creek fire last week. It had the potential of being a devastating event for our community in the “what could have been.” Thank you for an incredible job well done and to all of you for your hard work and dedication and for the risks you take.