Drawings of a proposed development for 2405 Columbia Avenue. Image: Nexus Development Group

Drawings of a proposed development for 2405 Columbia Avenue. Image: Nexus Development Group

COMMUNITY COMMENT: Proposed commercial/housing development at 2405 Columbia Ave. in Castlegar

Readers share their opinions about the development proposal

Comments from the Castlegar News Facbook page regarding the proposed development at 2405 Columbia Avenue.

Our little community is growing, having a progressive and forward thinking town council will ensure it is done in a way that supports all of its residents. This project is on point!

Louise Lewis

Love the idea of developing that area. The park option that the city will retain and build an active component would be nice for the children in the area and be a go-to area for others. Especially if one of the retail spaces in the building was a bistro light lunch kinda place with children’s play area.

The incoming taxes from the new building would easily cover the cost of anything done to give the park an active component. The way I see it, this is a good option to increase housing in the city, one of many that are needed.

Why is it that people want, want, want, from city and governments and get up in arms when things get developed because of tax increases. If you ask any level of government for handouts your taxes are going to go up to pay for it. As a senior my taxes go up to pay for schools and much more directed to children and families. This is a highly needed development proposal in this area. Look at history, parks when rebuilt are always way nicer than they were …

Wendy Burgess

I think housing is extremely important in our area. However, this will negatively impact our neighborhood. Loosing so much park/green space isn’t worth it. Also, children walk to and from school on 24th Street, the increase in traffic and parking spots will make their travels even more unsafe (that intersection on Columbia and 24th Street is bad enough).

Danielle Nault

It is important for children to have a green space to go to play, but I don’t find that as a priority in comparison to children having a roof over their heads. While it’s nice to have that green space for everyone, this city desperately needs housing.

Elaine Whitehead

Through the years I’ve taken my kids and grandson to this park as have other people so the park should be retained. The green space should be considered, respected and retained

Stewart Mccullagh

Castlegar needs this.

Dede Ryan

Yup, lets get going on this.

Andre Gauthier

It would be nice to see new development on that corner, yet I hope they don’t take the park out completely.

Zachary Linderman

Looks great, much needed.

Sherry Watson