Dear Mr. Kemperman,

City Councillor responds to letter from Herman J. Kemperman, Sept. 26.

In response to your letter, let me assure you that I represent all citizens to the best of my ability. Although not always in agreement, I do not judge my fellow man. I ask that they treat me as I would them, with kindness, honesty and integrity.

I have openly supported the rights of all. I also support your right to post your opinion openly.

I support the right of others to live their life how ever they want, as I want to live mine my way, and the way you live yours Mr. Kemperman. What I don’t tolerate is the spreading of incorrect information. I have been to Pride and have always found everyone to be respectful and loving and clothed. I have seen less-clothed people in everyday situations. As far as medical risk, you need to do some homework.

Your letter has got people talking and that is a good thing. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and love your fellow man with an open and loving heart. Be kind and gentle.

The world has enough hatred in it, let us not play into that.

With that Mr. Kemperman, I hope you too are not judged harshly or treated unkindly for your thoughts and opinions. I hope that one day we all learn to appreciate what each and every one of us has to offer. We are all in this together and, if you cannot open your mind, please at least open your heart.


Deb McIntosh

City Councillor, Resident and Proud Pride Supporter