Dear Young Arsonists:

Parishioner from recently torched Castlegar church sends out communication to alleged perpetrators

Do you truly realize the impact of your rash actions in the torching of our sanctuary, St. Rita’s Catholic Church? You might be surprised to know that instead of the evil you may have wished to visit upon the St. Rita’s community I am here to tell you, your act has given birth to our Easter Gift! So much generosity, good will, sharing, giving, empathy, condolences, support (material and spiritual) and above all the tremendous movement in unity through the Holy Spirit has blessed your unspeakable act–remaking it into spiritual food.

Granted, I cannot quite laugh in the face of disaster, especially contemplating the difficult work ahead of us regrouping, planning, decision-making and rebuilding, but inside, I have a steady, quiet and sustaining joy in the Resurrection we are celebrating Christ’s Resurrection. Our resurrection! St. Rita’s will rise again out of the ashes. Know this, young arsonists: Easter is a season in our hearts. We are Easter People. We believe! Alleluia!


God bless you

A St. Rita’s Parishioner,

C. M. Berg