Deja Vu again… and again

Concern expressed over stretch of highway

Okay …  now with some recent help from a councillor,  I think I get it.

I understand that Castlegar City Council does ‘have the citizens back.’  I understand that council sometimes does  meet with the provincial ministers – including, presumably, the minister responsible for highways. I understand that the City of Castlegar is appropriately concerned with public safety.

My concern is that the “Million Dollar Mile” is a difficult issue that does not appear to be getting any better with the current level of council intervention.

Access and speeds have long been problematic on this road.

My question (now and for several years) has been, and is, what is council doing to up the ante with the province, with a view to taking over control and management of the stretch of Hwy 22 extending from the Blueberry-Grandview intersection up to Columbia Avenue.

Blueberry and Grandview are Castlegar neighbourhoods.

How serious does a collision have to be before council takes heightened direct action on this issue?

Raymond Koehler