Donations for Bate family appreciated

Excavation company matched contributions toward helping a family in distress


Wow, thank you Castlegar! I am so proud of my community and the support it gave us this weekend in raising money for the Bate family. We put it out there last week that we wanted to raise some money for the family but never did I think we would get the kind of support that we did. In the two days at the Dirty Digger For A Day event. We raised a whopping $1,934.65. Remember folks, that was raised in eight hours!

After Dirty Diggers matched it, we were able to hand over $3,869.30 to the Bates.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Brandt Tractor, Interfor, Power Paving, United Rentals, Sandman Hotel, Castle Theatre, Boston Pizza, Shoppers Drug Mart, The Source, Nero Enterprises Inc., Racoon Carpentry and HTR Designs.

And to my crew of guys and the city workers who came out to help.


Chris Popoff,