Don’t trust the rumour mill

Editorial comment focuses on the value of attending an all candidates' forum

You may have played the game at some point – the one where a circle of people is formed and one person whispers a statement to the one on their right or left. Around the circle it goes until the last person says aloud what they heard.Everyone laughs because it’s almost always completely different than the original statement.

A lot of things are better first hand, like hearing what your potential MLA’s have planned for a good deal of your future should they be successful on May 14.

If it’s in your power to take in the all candidates forum at the Sandman Inn on May 7, it’s the best way to get a handle on what’s really going on. We’ll be there along with our local media colleagues. We’ll report to the best of our ability who said what and how they said it, but reading about it later won’t be like being there.

An all candidates forum is grass roots politics at it’s best. The forum is a worthwhile experience however stridently you follow the issues. Even if you don’t follow the issues at all you can learn a bundle in a very short time, or get an idea of how much the candidates know.

The best bet is to catch the drama, the tension, the euphoria… and maybe even a heated exchange or two. It’s all part of the time-honoured democratic process and the more people who show up, the better it works.

That’s Tuesday, May 7 at 7 p.m. at the Sandman Inn.