Easy on the trigger finger

Letter writer suggests restraint could translate to fewer dead bears

I am awakened by the sound of gunshots. A sound that has become all too familiar. Is it becoming a war zone we are living in? Us against the bears? No.. That would mean the bears would stand a fighting chance. Sadly, once that phone call is made, regardless if whether that bear is in your garbage or strolling through your back alley, he will almost certainly be destroyed. It is an almost impossible task to keep.every piece of fruit off the ground. Even one or two apples could attract him into your yard.. So is this a losing battle for a poor unsuspecting bear?

Well according to recent events, yes it is. Should we hastily call out the conservation officer the moment we spot a bear knowing what the unfortunate outcome will be?

Truth be told, these bears have never.attacked anyone in this city and would probably simply make their way back to wherever they came from if left alone.

If these animals were on the endangered species list, would we be killing them? I can assure you we would not! We would find a better way of dealing with them.


Janet Koftinoff