Editorial: Moving on up

Editorial comment focuses on the value of operations such as thrift shops operated by hospital auxiliary and local churches

It’s easy to understand the excitement brewing at the Hospital Auxiliary Treasure Shop.

The local downtown thrift shop has gone about a major expansion without altering its footprint (see page A10), essentially doubling its size and keeping it all at the same address.

Success and growth among any kind of enterprise is good for all of us with a residential or economic stake in the community, but it kind of goes double for a benevolent outfit like the Hospital Auxiliary. The subject of healthcare, after all, is one that truly influences all walks of life, all ages and sectors of society.

It’s good to see a number of important donors recognizing the need to support outfits like the auxiliary. By the look of the smart new second floor, the Treasure Shop will be going strong for many years to come. These are dollars well spent.

Hats off to the hardworking folks at the Treasure Shop for keeping the good deals happening and the profile of the auxiliary high. Same again to St. David’s and Castlegar United Thrift Shop, while we’re at it. Not everyone has the household budget to keep their families decked out in the latest fashions, and the good -condition items so carefully handled, processed and marketed at thrift shops offer financial relief to a great many of us. These shops are an asset that some folks might not even be aware of.