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Editorial: Peddling the pedal plan

Editorial comment weighs in in favour of a timely completion of planned mountain bike skills park in Castlegar

Hats off to the group pushing for a bike skills park as part of the amenities at Twin Rivers (Millennium) Park.

A prepared and passionate outfit represented itself well at this week’s City Council meeting and its enthusiasm is contagious. It’s just easy to get behind an idea that promotes fitness for all age groups in an exciting and entertaining way. Hearing organizers talk about a summer start for the mountain bike skills park, triggers fond thoughts, especially in mid-February.

It’s great that the property itself has already been allocated, and great too that council members appear supportive of helping to finance some of the design phase of the project. We’ll see how supportive in the coming weeks.

Also on the plus side is the choice of designers made by the group going after the skills park. They went with the man who is likely the best known of the bidders. Jay Hoots – to bike park design is like Jack Nicklaus - to golf course design; he adds legitimacy and value just by being associated with the project.

Topping off the list of positives that seem so obvious with the mountain bike skills park proposal, is the location itself.Imagine a young family heading down to the scenic riverfront expanse with a young boy set to tackle the beginners’ part of the bike park, dad heading for the Rotary-installed fitness equipment, with mom and baby tossing a blanket on the grass and enjoying the weather.