Fair kudos

Letter writer expresses approval of recent spring farm fair

We recently attended the Spring Farm Fair (Pass Creek Fairgrounds, May 3) and it was a very positive experience.

The weather was agreeable, nice temperature and the sun was pretty hot when sitting on the grass eating lunch and having a drink.

The concession had a pretty big menu for a small event like this. The best part of the event was the live animals on site.

It ranged between chicks and ducks to horses and alpacas. In between you could also find quail, bantams, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, sheep and pigs.

It was quite a joy for your regular person to come see all these animals and talk to their owners about breeds and care, but for farmers and homesteaders looking to buy animals it was a easy and quick way to get connected with knowledgeable people and leads to find what they were looking for.

Besides live animals there were also booths of products like starter plants and  trees and feeder and housing equipment. Personally, having my rabbitry, what I liked the best was how easy it was to participate in this event.

There were a few aspects that can be improved on for next year. My suggestions would be to have vendors pre-register, add a classifieds sales board (for vendors who couldn’t make the trip), have information sheets on each cage/stall in case vendors step out.

But the fact that these things were missing or that the event in general felt a little “uncontrolled” was due to the fact that only two people (yes two) were behind all this.

Rick and Donna Smith were the only organizers of this event and for what two people could possibly put together, I think these two provided 200 per cent. Amazing! Now for next year, we just need some volunteers to come forward to make this even bigger and better.

I will be a volunteer, because even though there were a lot of animals on site, the potential number of animals the exhibition grounds could comfortably handle was double, if not triple the amount. So next year, if you see the ads and have animals or animal related items for sale, or if you are in the market for the same. Don’t hesitate to come over and enjoy yourself at the wonderful Pass Creek Exhibition Grounds.

Tiesja Huscroft

Rock Slide Rabbitry