Faith Foundations: Things we know in Christ

Faith Foundations: Things we know in Christ

In writing a novel, often the advice given is write what you know.

In writing a novel, often the advice given is write what you know.

I know a little bit about woodworking, rock climbing, sledding, photography and scuba diving. I know a cute blonde who I could write several books about.

As a pastor I experience great joy in seeing people celebrate the birth of their children, grads and marriages. But the other end of that spectrum is loss, heartache and funerals.

I myself am just returning from being out for several months due to a motorcycle accident. A little to the left or right and someone else might have spoken over me rather than me writing. I know that life can be short.

There is a passage in 1 Thessalonians that amazes me.

“Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Now as I consider this it sounds like trite garbage to the average person. It simply is impossible. I recently led a celebration of life service for a young man. How can you be thankful there? But the key to this cannot be missed. At the end of the verse it says “in Christ Jesus.”

I discovered Jesus Christ in my 20s and made a decision to follow Him. Over the years I have seen hundreds do the same thing. It is not a “religious thing” as some would call it but rather a life-changing powerful relationship with God Himself. I’ve seen many call me a fool, many give knowing nods of mockery. But I have also seen the joy of believing in Jesus and absolute power being demonstrated in so many people.

“What I know” is that my life could have ended when my motorcycle hit that car. I also know that life will end for everyone.

I know that religion alone does not change us, but rather trusting in what God has already done for us in allowing Jesus to die on a cross for me and you.

I know that joy, prayer and thanks can be a part of your daily life and there is nothing more valuable than “knowing” that by choosing to follow Jesus Christ.

I also know I have an eternity of joy waiting me and that I desire everyone to weigh that truth for themselves and then you can “write what you know.”

Rob Scott