Fall in line – editorial

Editorial from Oct. 11, 2012 Castlegar News by acting editor Craig Lindsay.

There’s no more denying it, October is here and thus fall is here and undeniably winter is around the corner.

It’s been a strange summer as far as weather goes. In June and July, we saw enough rain to make Noah feel at home. And then, joy of joys, finally some warm, sunny weather came in August and September.

But as well all know, it wouldn’t last forever and here we are in October with the temperatures dropping and rumours of snow in nearby Cranbrook.

Am I ready to put away the shorts and sandals? No, but it’s inevitable.

In fact, it won’t be long before it’s time to clean the snow off the cars and sweep out those driveways.

But fall and winter’s not all bad. Hockey is back and both the Castlegar Rebels and Selkirk College Saints are off to great starts in their respective leagues.

The Rebels were atop the Neil Mountain Division, while the Saints just knocked off UVic in Victoria in two straight.

Sadly, the NHL lock-out appears to have no end in sight. Many of my friends are talking about picking up NBA League Pass and finding other ways to pass the time.

Some even talk of never going back. Of course, those are usually the most hardcore fans and you know eventually they’ll come around.


But for now, be sure to head out to the Complex and catch the local teams. These kids play fast, hard and are fun to watch.