Festive recovery forthcoming

Year-end editorial reflections from Castlegar Newsroom

There may still be a leftover Christmas-themed commercial or two feebly jockeying for your attention in these days of diminishing seasonal hoopla, but that seems only fitting. The decorations, after all, in many cases, remain – though not here at the Castlegar News.

We boast an energetic staff – the pinnacle of efficiency… why, our beady eyes are already dead-set on Valentine’s Day.

Well, seriously, the tree and wreaths have been removed from our office but you can bet a lot of pleasing “festive fallout” remains. That many good wishes from so many sincere individuals has to have some kind of residual impact… wouldn’t you think?

It is sort of a relief to have all those errands and appointments looked after, and now we can all focus on doing what we can to make 2012 memorable for some good reasons.

Speaking of reasons for optimism, there are more than a couple contained in this rear-ward glance at the outgoing year. It was fun to put together, to have at our fingertips all of what made it onto our pages in 2011.

Though in some ways, to some onlookers it may seem as though Castlegar is just like any other B.C. town of similar size… just by looking a little closer it’s good to see that there’s lots about us that’s unique. We look forward to discovering and revealing a lot of those special qualities in the coming 12 months.