First things first this July first

Canada Day hoopla postponed in Castlegar, editorial view supports the city's decision

It’s only one day out of the year we have set aside for patriotic partying. But this year, as much as the show of pride means to us, we’re going to focus on matters a little closer to home.

The Fathers of Confederation would likely approve of the steps taken lately by our local government in postponing Canada Day hoopla while we, like people in most areas of the province, grapple with concerns relating to floods, or the threat of floods.

Every day of the year there seems to be a report of some calamity afflicting some part of the world. On those days we likely tell ourselves how lucky we are to be here. Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis – all have a comforting tendency to show up in other locations.

We’ve learned, however, that we’re not immune to natural perils. Whether through wildfires, windstorms or flooding, we can, and do fall victim from time to time as well.

This is one of those times. What is familiar and reassuring in the midst of it all is the level of effort, compassion and cooperation demonstrated by all sectors of society.

It’s not too soon to thank the large number of people working so hard for their communities. The work is appreciated, and will make for an even better Canada Day celebration than usual.