Flood insurance paid up?

Editorial comment takes a look at weather trends and what they could mean in coming weeks

There’s no snow like old snow, and with the extended cool snap we’ve had since the record setting dump last month, the interesting, quirky snow shapes on anything with more surface area than a postage stamp have taken on a kind of fossil-like quality.

Now, just as the folks in the heavy equipment have finally caught up with the huge job of snow management… there’s some fresh stuff to top it off and make it look clean. It’s not likely to lessen the avalanche hazard in the back country.

Another thing to occupy the worry file is the idea of what we could be in for some weeks down the road.

Our 14-day trend, courtesy of the Weather Channel, has a lot of above-zero  in it but nothing higher than plus-6. That ought to be some comfort for everyone, especially those in low-lying areas.

It goes without saying that we’ll take what we get, but we can still be hopeful that a weather-related calamity won’t be adding to all the other things we have to deal with.

Meanwhile, as the header suggests above, there are definitely ways to rest a little easier when weather-related paranoia shows up. Should break-up occur as all would hope, on an expected schedule, we can deal with the next hazard that comes along.