Former visitor checks in

Milena is a German student who recently concluded an extended visit in Castlegar

How are you?

I am very well. Slowly, I got used to the German school system again. It is quite a difference but it isn´t that hard. The other students and my teachers are mostly very delightful and I am content with the courses I selected. Math and English are a little bit under-challenging but the teachers are great. In English we are talking about globalization. My teacher has a British accent and in my class there are only nine other students of which two were in the States for a year. I joined the student council or however you call it. Besides that, I am in the drama group now where we might perform Shakespeare´s Macbeth. There are some plays we have to select from. I would love to make Macbeth, though.

I also joined the Rotaract Club here; I actually didn’t join it yet, but I went there twice. When I have been there a few more times they will probably ask me to join. I like them; most of them are at university or finished already. The projects of the club are for example helping people with MS, Supporting the Clinic Clowns, or helping with the food bank.

I am also swimming a little bit but not as much as with the Aquanauts. I am not that motivated without a team. In my P.E. class from school we did rope skipping today which was so incredibly exhausting. I was so tired after that.

Last Wednesday, I visited the factory where they make the Hannover Newpaper with the Rotaract club. That was pretty interesting and it was so huge.

Tomorrow, my family and I will take the train to the Netherlands to celebrate my grandpa´s 80th birthday and my aunt’s Dutch Doctor title. She is going to have a huge celebration with over a hundred guests. On Sunday, I have to come back early to sing a concert with my choir. It is a big one and our conductor is a little bit concerned that we don´t fill the entire room. It has about 1,000 seats. Everyone from Castlegar should fly here just for the concert!

By the way, I decided that I should better become a jaw surgeon so I can actually operate on children with cleft palate and perform orthognatic surgery which sounds so interesting. To become a jaw surgeon I only have to go to university for about 15 years because I have to study medicine as well as dentistry. But the last five years I actually work already. I have to finish school with mar 1.1 to get to university immediately. That might be a bit stressful because  I need about 95-98 per cent in all my subjects (I have 11 which count differently). I can try it at least.

Tomorrow, autumn begins here and it is already freezing cold. In the morning I have to wear gloves when I ride my bike. It is below 10°C. Brrrr. But I love the cold!

Well, it might be a good idea to study a little bit for school.

I hope you are all well! I miss you!



Milena Gramann


PS: I forgot that I updated my website a little bit with some pictures.