Foundation of the Business

Editorial comment focuses on the valuable asset known as newspapers

There’s a common expression – “where the rubber meets the road.”

For the Castlegar News and every other publication that involves a traditional print component, a more appropriate slogan could be “where the paper meets the  public.”

Black Press and the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy are just wrapping up what is turning out to be an annual campaign devoted to promoting the development of reading skills.

As part of the conclusion, four of the six of us pictured along the bottom of this page are going back to paper route basics out in the Blueberry district. It’s a fun, team-building experience that also serves to remind us of the physical bottom line of what we’re involved in.

Delivering newspapers is an introduction to the working world for many of us, not to mention being a crucial link between us and the public we strive to connect with. It may not be an obvious way to get rich but it can sure lay the foundation for the work ethic needed for success.

Hardworking carriers distribute our print product throughout Castlegar and the girls, boys, men and women who get the job done week in and week out are each deserving of our respect and gratitude.

We hope you appreciate them, too.