Garbage message has to continue

Editorial comment points to how little we can do to keep bears and cougars away, so we better do it.

One of the reasons people like living around here is the relatively close relationship we have with nature. That’s all fine as long as the nature we’re talking about consists of birds and fish and, maybe the odd marmot or mountain goat.

But the magnificent animals that are not quite extinct continue to be a sad and dangerous problem.

Bears and cougars are watching us every day. If they could, they’d probably be wondering how they can have it so good with the garbage buffet, but only until they get shot.

The warnings in regard to bears and cougars are nothing new at this time of year in this part of the country. For some of us, those living where recent cougar sightings (right next door) have occurred, the warnings naturally take on a whole new level of urgency. Given the number of small children and lapdogs in the neighbourhood, the urgency only goes up.

Since not all of us are well-armed, experienced survivalists, we can only do so much in the face of the threat from these familiar predators whose only crime amounts to looking for something to eat.

What we can do is heed the well-delivered warnings and take care of the garbage around our homes before the COs have to kill more wild animals.