Goats in a park, like fish in a barrel

Writer takes exception to the shooting of a mountain goat in a Slocan park.

This story has come to light just recently.

In mid-September a goat was shot by hunters in the campground on the trail to Mt. Gimli. The altitude here is about 2,400 metres (7,900 feet).

Here, mountain goats have become accustomed to climbers and hikers. They will approach to within 10 feet and seem very curious. This makes for outstanding photo opportunities.

This area is well known for this and the spectacular scenery. A thousand people a year come here.

This outrageous incident is cause for concern for human safety, in at least four ways.

• The hunters saw the goat in the campground and ordered the people there to get out of the way. The goat was shot and disembowelled right there in front of them.

Did these people feel threatened? I think so.

• The blood and guts laying there would soon attract a large predator. Both groups in the campground would have to leave immediately. This would be a dangerous place for hikers and climbers for up to two weeks.

• I would question the safety of firing a rifle while standing at the base of a 1,200 foot high rock wall. The concussion could loosen rocks and would surely be frightening for hikers and climbers present.

• Most hunters would consider hunting here to be totally un-ethical, as it’s kind of like a petting zoo.

We must prevent this from happening again.

Please demand that our government close this area to hunting – from the trail head up.


-Wayne Reidl,