Going easy on the sights

Editorial comment focuses on folks who publicize garage sales and then leave the signs up

The best neighbour is obviously a good neighbour and what that amounts to, basically, is someone who is considerate of others.

Good neighbours don’t litter, and that could be because they’re considerate of what others think, or it just bugs them to see garbage strewn about.

They also know that litter is not just what ends up on the ground, but in all too many cases, something that gets stapled or nailed to a telephone pole.

This may be picking nits but in the opinion of some, the moment a garage/yard/moving sale has elapsed the signs advertising them become a public nuisance. It’s the same with campaign signs at election time – the moment the polls close, the stopwatch is running and the sooner a candidate deals with his or her signs, the better everyone likes it.

With the yard sales these days there are more and more vendors opting for the optic pink, orange or green signs. They probably work and most everyone should hope so. Why wouldn’t they want their neighbour to clear out some clutter and make some cash while they’re at it?

Perhaps a lost pet sign would warrant a bit more leeway, but still, let’s not leave them up for someone else to eventually deal with.

Let’s have a heart and cut out some of the sight pollution antagonizing our neighbours.