Halloween treats and tricks – Letters from Nov. 8 Castlegar News

Halloween treats and tricks - Letters from Nov. 8 Castlegar News

Call for cameras


As a resident and driving in and around Castlegar I see Many driving infringments eg: Over taking, on the right, by way of using right turn lanes. Not stopping at red lights when intending to turn right. Running red lights, Castlegar needs Cameras at Traffic lights. I have thought of entering Castlegar for the record of having the worst drivers in the Province. J.C.G.


John Gibson,  Castlegar, B.C.


Special Halloween treat


Our son, Chason Hartland, age 3 1/2, is absolutely obsessed with garbage trucks and asked to be a garbage man for Halloween so we thought how fun it would be if we could make him a garbage truck to go in – so we did!!


We stopped our local garbage man, Dave Parker, and explained about the costume we were going to make and asked if he could contribute in any way and he gave us some Waste Management stickers and hats to help with the costume.  Once the costume was complete we emailed Waste Management with some pictures and asked if they would be willing to bring the garbage truck to our house on Halloween day so we could take a picture of Chason, the garbage man and the big garbage truck and they were more than happy to make this little boy’s dream come true.  We have had so  many comments on the costume and have been told numerous times that is was the best costume people have seen this year!!

A big thanks to Dave Parker, Doug Lewis and Paul Steenvoorden of Waste Management in Castlegar.


Charlie & Robin Hartland,

Castlegar, BC


And a nasty trick


We are very disappointed.  Our favorite time of year is Halloween, and every year my family and I decorate our yard on 14th Avenue in the spirit of Halloween for all to enjoy.  Each year we buy new decorations to add to our collection.  Kids, excited to see the decorations old and new, stop by when we begin setting up a few weeks prior to Halloween.  This past Halloween, close to 200 Trick or Treaters visited our house, as well as many parents and onlookers.  We received so many positive comments from people – how much they enjoyed walking through the yard and seeing all the decorations.  The turn-out and positive feedback grow every year.  We even started talking about next year’s plans – possibly converting part of our house into a haunted house that people could walk through.  The cover charge would be a food bank donation.


But our spirit was deflated the night after Halloween when decorations valued at approximately $400 were stolen from our yard and our house damaged in the process (fascia was ripped when one of the decorations stolen was wired to the fascia).


We are hoping someone may have seen or heard something, or that a parent may have noticed some unfamiliar Halloween decorations in their yard or kid’s room.  Stolen was an upper body fog- breathing zombie, a large skull, a small green coffin, a blue severed head, a butlers hat with hair attached, and various other decorations.  If you have any information please call 687-1437  or email trinadavidson@telus.net, or simply return the decorations, no questions asked.   A reward will be offered.


Trina Davidson, Castlegar, BC