Healthcare needs more attention

Recent staffing shortfall at Castlegar ER is one example of healthcare-related concerns

The importance of adequate health care can never be overstated – the current uproar over a closure at Castlegar’s Interior Health facility is resounding proof.

The unfortunate incident serves to once again drive home the point that nothing matters more to someone in need than timely, competent medical care.

In the face of a medical emergency everything else takes a distant back seat, and to think someone in such a situation could calmly and safely make their way to Nelson or Trail is indeed a stretch.

The critical need for an acceptable health care system is a given, but so is the high, and ever-growing cost of such a system.

Health is the great equalizer… an issue that crosses every imaginary line. True, those with sufficient resources can enjoy some insulation from the threat of poor health, but most of us can do something to help our own physical state, without even having to spend any extra.

In the meantime (because for each one of us an emergency could be only minutes away) health care will only get the priority we demand our government gives it. Sure there are variables and questions of economics and creative management that are tough to answer, and sacrifices will definitely be required in other areas. But, as mentioned above, it’s a matter of priorities, and being forcefully persuasive with our elected officials on the topic.