Here’s hoping the West (Jet) will be won

Editorial comment comes out strongly in favour of West Jet regional service for the West Kootenay area

The way some companies get to the levels they have achieved makes for a fascinating study, especially for their competitors.

Case in point: our national donut chain – the one with such a dedicated clientele that it could conceivably twin each of its hundreds of locations and still be outrageously successful. Just how they do it would be so interesting to find out.

WestJet is another of these super-success stories and it’s no wonder Castlegar, in particular, and the West Kootenay, in general are so sold on the prospect of the Calgary based airline setting up shop here.

People crave an alternative to the Air Canada colossus many feel has had things its own way for so long.

WestJet has slid into a perfect niche – doing something the free-enterprise, yet co-operative way. Sure, they’ve got great looking planes and slick advertising, but it’s a lot more than that.

The airline has thrived by offering customers what was not available before it came on the scene: relatively good value, reliability… and choice.

For Mayor Chernoff, CAO John Malcolm and former MP Jim Gouk… best of luck with the late June pitch for WestJet service. Whether we fly or not… each one of us will be better off if Castlegar is added to the WestJet list.