How many fighters should be in the budget?

Editorial commentary suggests the purchase of fewer warplanes by the federal government may be prudent

Most of us know that we should keep within our budget but a lot of us don’t, or Canadians wouldn’t be racking up record-breaking levels of personal debt

When our own budgets are being prepared, ideally, there is enough for each member of a large group to get their share of what we’ve got to dole out.

When Jim Flaherty delivered the fiscal run-down lately there were concerned parties in every party of the country scrutinizing every point made.

It can’t be an easy process letting some sectors know they’ll survive while others get the word that they’re out of luck.

There is so much involved in a federal budget of a relatively prosperous country like Canada, that it’s really quite a task keeping track.

One thing a lot of folks find disconcerting is an estimated $30 billion price tag for 65 new F-35 fighter jets. Some are dead set against the outlay, while others are worried because of what needs will be pushed aside in the interest of modern armaments.

There’s plenty to be said for being prepared – if a suspected foe is well equipped then we had better be, too.

But maybe we should remember to keep within the budget… make sure some basic needs among the population are met. Maybe we could go for just 32 of the awesome warbirds… at least until the economic picture improves.