In better shape?

Comment focuses on best wishes from departing staff member

The idea of a ‘golden rule’ probably differs according to who we are and where we’re from. But all versions of the rule are likely to be simple enough to remember and easy to live by.

There’s one rule followed by a young man in Rossland who mentioned it in an interview last spring. As he was growing up the family rule that stuck with him was, “To leave something better than it was when you found it.”

That’s just how Castlegar looks today, although not through anything specifically influenced by the departing editor of the Castlegar News.

Would it be too brash for a three year resident to state that the place has never looked better? Okay, what about, ‘The place is looking pretty good?’

A couple of programs have made incredible strides in a remarkably short time and, although they get their fair share of accolades, it’s not too much to give Sculpturewalk  and Communities in Bloom some more kudos. And because there is such a good supply of kudos on hand, why not force some over to the Millennium Ponds? These kind of efforts just seem to encourage more and more positive momentum for the City.

Of course it’s never all rosy, but it seems, thankfully, that another old saying: One good turn deserves another, is another sort of golden rule. It’s a snowball effect, a definite roll Castlegar appears to be on and it’s fun to watch it progress.

As this is the last edition I’ll be involved in before tackling something different, I’m taking the opportunity to say thanks to everyone I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with since July 2011.

Jim Sinclair