In sympathy for a wounded goose

Resident disconcerted by local hunting incident north of Castlegar

For the past two days my family has been nothing short of truamatized by a very unfortunate hunting incident that happened very close to home. We have a resident flock of geese that stays in our yard year-round.

These birds have become a part of our every day life, and we all enjoy their company.

As we were going out the door to school Thursday morning, to our great shock, we saw that one of the geese had an arrow sticking out of it. Needless to say, it was a very horrible sight for myself and my two young daughters.

To see this beautiful bird so cruelly shot and suffering, trying to move around on one leg, while the other hung uselessly is not an image I will soon forget.

A huge thank you needs to go out to Conservation Officer Thin for his understanding and compassion in dealing with this situation. I really could not believe that someone would actually try to shoot a goose with a bow and arrow, but I found out from CO Thin that it is indeed bow hunting season for Canada Geese. I understand that hunting is very popular, and I’m sure most hunters are very responsible and will only take a shot when they know it will kill the animal.

I know sometimes an animal moves and the shot can miss its precise intended target, but I am just asking all hunters to be extra careful before taking that shot.

An injured animal is a very sad thing, and I hope to spare anyone else the trauma that we have gone through.

Thank you,




–Rebecca Voros,