Jan. 26 Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Castlegar News Editor from the January 26 paper.

Last Thursday, four of the Lions executive waited for our turn to visit the Chamber of Commerce board meeting. Two things were in our line of vision – piles of Castlegar News being stacked for delivery and the glass doors of the Board Room.  Ironically, in the paper was an article from the Chamber asking everyone to please “Shop Local” because successful businesses can support community organizations.  In the closed meeting of the Chamber board, a discussion of how to proceed with the eviction of the Lions Club.

For 41 years the Castlegar-Selkirk Lions have been involved in Castlegar.  Shopping locally, giving funds back to the community. Everyone living here has probably been touched in some way by Lions – maybe just buying at our concession, visiting Pass Creek Park, playing Bingo, accessing the Food Bank, staying at Easter Seal House and yes – visiting the Chamber office.

In 1986, Lions donated funds and labour to help build the Chamber building. An agreement was signed allowing lifetime use by the existing Lions Club of a portion of the basement for storage of equipment.

In October we were issued an eviction notice for Dec. 14. We responded immediately requesting a meeting between the two boards to resolve the issue. No response. I called several times and was told they were busy with elections, so we could have a 30 day extension, still no response to a meeting. On Dec. 23 a letter arrived issuing the final decision of out by Feb. 15.  On Jan. 3,  five of our executive met with Pam MacLeod and Kerry Hobbs, President.   We were told they had been instructed to “not discuss” the reason and we were not to contact individual directors as they had also agreed not to discuss it. It was “nothing personal” as the Shriners and United Way were also evicted.

They grudgingly granted our request to meet their board and on Jan. 19 we attended.  Upon arrival, we were told to present our case, there would be no discussion.  Strange ? Begs the question Why?

Why can’t they say they need the space, or they want a new building or something ?

Without storage space for our equipment we have lost our ability to fundraise. Without fundraising we have lost our ability to help Castlegar’s needy.

The way things stand right now on Feb. 15, Flag Day, a day to celebrate and honour Canada’s symbol of democracy, free speech and caring for each other, the Lions Club will be evicted.

Chamber of Commerce members, we have supported your businesses, is this the mandate you have given your elected board? Please voice your opinions because your board has chosen not to speak. Community, please support us, a small group of dedicated volunteers who would like to continue to serve in this community. If you know of a suitable storage area please contact us. I can be contacted at 365-3884 or President Luc at 365-6861.


Thank you

Joanne Baker – Secretary

Planning for the future, especially anticipating one’s own incapacity or death, is difficult and something many of us postpone or try to ignore. With that in mind, I am writing to remind your readers of how important it is for them to take the necessary steps to assign someone as their representative in the event that their mental competency deteriorates or is being called into question. This can happen to people of any age and in any number of situations including through a stroke, dementia or serious accident.

In BC, if you are 19 years of age or older, no-one has automatic authority to act on your behalf if you are considered incapable – not even those closest to you – your spouse, parents or children. And contrary to popular belief, an enduring power of attorney is not all you need to have in place for these situations. It can only assign control re financial matters, but not with respect to decisions around personal care, health care, end of life decisions and so on. Adults who do not have representation decisions in place are vulnerable to adult guardianship (now called “committeeship”) which is a very expensive court process.

If this happens, you can lose your civil rights and legally you become a non-person. Through a Representation Agreement, you can avoid “committeeship” by giving legal authority to speak and make decisions on your behalf to people you know and trust. This way you can stay in control should you become incapable or incompetent to look after yourself.  The government does not have to be involved and family or friends will have legal authority to carry out your wishes. The legislation governing Representation Agreements is such that an expensive lawyer or notary public does not have to be involved.

Nidus, a BC based, non-profit agency, has been created to help guide individuals through the process of drawing up and formalizing this legal document with minimal cost. In this letter I can only outline the “barebones” of why a Representations Agreement is so important. You can find out much more, including how to create a Representation Agreement and accessing relevant forms, by going to the website www.nidus.ca. If you are not computer literate and need help with this, please contact me at 250-365-5077.  There are several volunteers in the Castlegar-Trail area, including myself, who are willing to assist people wanting to learn more. Yours sincerely,Bud Godderis, Nidus VolunteerCastlegar, BC


Please pull over!

The next life you save could be a family member, friend, or relative. First responders and fire fighters in our area help to save lives. With our hospitals miles out of immediate reach, we depend on these experienced men and women to help save lives and attend emergencies. These responders, many as volunteers, risk their own lives attempting to get to calls. They need your help. When you see flashing hazard lights on a vehicle, pull over! These lights are on for a reason! Especially in this winter weather. These responders are coming from their jobs, their fire halls and homes. Your quick response will help save someone’s life, maybe your own. Too many people are not pulling over to the side of the road. Please check your mirrors while driving. Please help. Thank you.

Sharen Pereversoff