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Just trying to be a good sport

Editorial comment focuses on upcoming fundraiser for young athletes

If the so-called “throws” or teaser boxes on the front page are any indication, there is a sports flavour to this week’s paper (and that’s not taking anything away from the usual outstanding job Craig Lindsay does with his domain in the back pages).

We’re making a local big deal out of a national push for support of youth whose families may not have the funds needed to enroll and equip them for team sports.

Some of us remember playing hockey and football as youngsters, and (fortunately) having a virtual blank cheque for replacements when skates, pants and pads were outgrown. That was back when the price tag on a new (wooden) hockey stick was well below $10!

Nothing is different these days except the price tags.

The organizers of the National Sports (Jersey) Day suggest rounding up monetary support for outfits like KidsSport or Jumpstart, whatever may be available in a particular town. This is something our parent Black Press is fully behind.

The many benefits a kid can get out of team sports are common knowledge... and it’s great to know that coughing up as little as a deuce to Jumpstart on September 28 at Canadian Tire (or at the Rebels game that night) can help make a difference in the sporting life of a deserving young local.