Kudos to Rotarians

Writer declares the service club is a valuable asset to Castlegar

I have been fortunate enough to work alongside a member of the Castlegar Rotary Club for many years now.  In the course of daily conversation, I have learned much about our local Rotary Club – their goals, their contributions to the community, and the amazing people who volunteer their personal time to be a part of this Club.  Their contributions to our community are endless and their dedication admirable.

You may see young men and women this week removing garbage from the sides of our roads.  These are the Stanley Humphries Secondary School Interact Club students – under the sponsorship of both Morning and Evening Rotary Clubs- who are providing this community service and learning the value of being contributing members of our community.

My understanding is that for this particular service, they receive no monetary compensation.  For the rest of us, we receive not only the benefit of keeping our community clean, but also witness the character building of future leaders of our community, our region, our province, and possibly our country.

The very least we can do is acknowledge the efforts of these young people and also of the dedication of the service groups in our community who help make these events happen.  Hats off to all of you.

Alison Jollimore,