Ladies and gentlemen, play hockey!

All big tournaments and attractions started small, maybe there's something big with ball hockey

Three-on-three ball hockey seems like the sort of wholesome, energetic action that Castlegar could conceivably go places with, without actually going anywhere at all.

This is just a random idea, hatched following the spectacular success of last weekend’s Spring Fling here in our downtown core, but it seems like, steered properly, it could grow.Participation in ball hockey doubled over last year at the ‘fling. If this trend were to continue, could a massive event be too far off?

If a certain number of factors were to line up in the right way, this kind of thing could theoretically blossom to become a regional hit. Let’s not rule it out.

Take the Grand Forks International, for example – one of the best examples of a well-run event – adding to municipal prestige (and, hopefully, coffers) year after year after year.

The thing to remember is that it has evolved into a venerable showcase of baseball talent… portraying the city in a positive light, all around the world.

This ball-hockey idea is, of course, in the earliest stages of pre-infancy but everything’s got to start somewhere. The concept of guiding it toward some sort of organized effort could be the way to go… if… for example, the number of teams entered at next year’s Spring Fling doubles again, to somewhere around 60.

It’ll be fun to see what happens.