Lamenting CU change

Letter writer disappointed with latest erosion of downtown Castlegar services

Another nail in the coffin of downtown Castlegar with the partial closure of the KSCU on Third Street.

I have been a member of KSCU now for 25 years, and when I bought my house in 1996, I made sure that it was within walking distance of 90 per cent of the amenities I needed, which included Kootenay Savings, the Post Office, doctor, dentist, etc.

It seems that since we spent $10,000,000 on revitalizing the Downtown, it has not done much good, has it? Incidentally, the rent of my small store was raised by $100 per month for ten years, totalling $12,000, which did not do me much good either.

A rather disgruntled downtown resident who does understand that things change and we have no choice but to make the best of it, but would hope that enough people care enough to keep the status quo with regard to KSCU.


-Janice A. Kelley,