LETTER: Attorney General owes response to Sons of Freedom children

LETTER: Attorney General owes response to Sons of Freedom children

Letter from Castelgar area residents Mickey Nazarov and Laura (Konkin) Powell

It has been a long time since Attorney General David Eby made a long awaited announcement regarding the confiscated children of the Sons of Freedom sect that were unscrupulously, cruelly hauled off to the prison-like dormitory in New Denver during the 1950s.

When he announced that his office was going to reopen this file, it came as long-awaited news to these inmates of the above-mentioned prison-like dormitory. It had a uplifting and emotional feeling that finally something was going to come to favourable closure.

It seems that this has become another political ploy to silence the above-mentioned victims of the cruel and unscrupulous deed that fell upon innocent children of a previous government administration. This is a huge letdown for these innocent victims who are now all seniors and time is running out for them to enjoy a final and favourable outcome to this matter.

We ask Mr. Eby to tell us that he is going to make an announcement that will once and for all come to a favorable conclusion on this matter. We ask him not to let this matter wait any longer. Time is running out as these now seniors are becoming let down by Mr. Eby’s promises and disillusioned just as previous administrations have done by neglecting this matter.

This kind of treatment was placed upon our aboriginal youth and children in the past and this was and is being settled with apologies and monetary rewards. Why then, we ask, is this taking so long for this administration after promising this matter will once again be closed? These children (now seniors) have been brushed aside.

We ask Mr. Eby to stop ignoring our requests and at least let us know what and if anything is being done to settle this matter.

Laura was a victim to the New Denver prison. Mickey was a witness to this cruel and unjustified punishment of innocent children.

Mickey Nazarov

Laura (Konkin) Powell