LETTER: Canada should look to Dutch health care system for a model

Krestova resident Nick Chatten says health system needs to change

Our health care system, the most expensive in the solar system, is failing and flailing. Burned out from COVID, the cracks that were there are now making our hallowed medical system downright dangerous. People in need of emergency care are dying in hallways while tired nurses, doctors and technicians move through the fog of burn out and administrative disaster.

Canada has a real distaste for private medicine. The Dutch have private doctors and their system is not crumbling. Quite the contrary, the Dutch have a robust medical system of universality with four foundations: the Health Insurance Act, the Long-Term Care Act, the Social Support Act and the Youth Act.

“This act is implemented by private, competitive health insurers and health care providers. It should be noted that virtually all health insurance companies in the Netherlands are not-for-profit cooperatives that allocate any profits they make to the reserves they are required to maintain or return them in the form of lower premiums.” This smacks of a better social system than our dilapidated, bloated and burned out Canadian system!

Doctors in Canada complain of all the paperwork. They see a patient for 10 minutes and then fill out endless forms for hours, the requirement of the administration. How about we have patient care instead of administrative care? We do need some government glue to hold the system together but Canada has dropped the ball in favour of a bloated, sick overlord system from Ottawa. Provinces have to hang out with their caps out, waiting for almighty Justin Trudeau to dole out the tax money we all contributed.

If you want Canada to have a robust system, follow the Dutch. Their system is working great while the Canadian health care system is an expensive, sad joke. Let administrative heads roll and allow our health care workers do their job more effectively, in the private and public realms. Stop the money from being gobbled up by endless desk jockeys and let Canada heal and create a health care system we can be proud of.

Nick Chatten

Krestova, B.C.

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