Letter from Nov. 1st Castlegar News

Letters from Nov. 1st on stolen snowmobiles, borsch(t) and Gaza.

A Very Good Ending

On the morning of October 7 our family woke to find that the Mini Z (child’s snowmobile, yellow Ski-Doo) was stolen from our driveway. It had been cabled and locked to a trailer and truck. The thieves left no signs or evidence. What was left behind was a child’s broken heart. Our six year-old grandson had his snowmobile up for sale, the money he would have gotten from the sale was going toward the quad he had seen a few weeks earlier. He already had saved $1,500.00, he was so close.

In my anger, I posted on Facebook and on to Kootenay Motocross. Within a half hour I received a message from a woman by the name of Trish Drinkle, aka Momma of Main Jet Motor Sports. She asked for pictures. I sent them. Other friends were posting like crazy people, it was amazing to see that people were getting word out. By 9  a.m. Trish had phoned our house with the news that people wanted to help Zackery get his quad.

Main Jet put up the quad at cost and donations were pouring in. We were mind-boggled and numb. To think that total strangers would help a little boy they had never met. By Tuesday morning Trish and her network of friends and fans had reached their goal. With Zackery’s $1,500.00 and the donations raised, he would get his quad.

Trish and I arranged to meet Saturday morning the 13th, at Main Jet Motor Sports in Nelson. I was so excited to meet this amazing woman. With her connections and love of children (she has four of her own) she showed Zackery that not all people are bad. She showed him and myself that there are people out there who do genuinely care even though we are strangers. We may never meet the wonderful people from across Canada and United States who helped Zackery so lovingly, without hesitation, but we will think of them every day.

“Pay It Forward” is our family motto and I have seen that many feel as we do. There was money left over from the donations, it has been “Paid Forward” to another young child.

Thank you isn’t enough, but to Trish, the guys at Main Jet and all the people who helped Zackery, you have changed one little boy’s outlook completely. He knows there are more good people, than bad.


P.S. To the person or persons who stole from a child, if you wanted the sled but couldn”t afford it, all you had to do was talk to us. We might have been able to work out a deal. Hope you sleep well at night. You will get what is coming to you. Shame on you.


Rick, Patti and Zackery McCreight,




Tee’d off


I ask your readers this question “has anyone tasted Tee in Borscht?”

Those who have partaken in this local cultural food would would likely answer, “there is no Tee in Borscht.”

They may also add “I mispelled Tee which is corrected as Tea.”

So that is my point! I grew up with my first language as Russian and my mother fed me good Borsch and that is exactly how she taught me to pronounce it.

To my knowledge neither the Ukranians (who have a good borsch also) nor the Russian-speaking Douhobors have a “t” sound when they say Borsch.

So why do all the local signs advertize “Borscht”? I patronized these establsihments and I came away convinced that I could not taste the “t” in their Borscht.

My wife Marilyn makes borsch as good as my mother did (maybe even better).


Elmer Verigin,



The Other Side of Gaza


The Arabs claim the land on which they and Israel reside is theirs. Can history back up that claim? No, it does not! God gave Abraham all the land of Cancan, which Israel is part of today. Gen. 12:1-3, Jere, 7:7:25. Israel was removed from the land temporarily because of idol worship and indulging in grievous sins. God also promised to restore them to His land. Duet. 30:5-9. Note verse 5; “And the Lord thy God will bring thee into the land which thy fathers possessed and thou shalt possessed, and he will do thee good, and multiply thee above thy fathers.”

The muslim holy book the Koran, says that Israel belongs to the Jews. If you go to suran 17:102-203 from the Koran it says; “Pharaoh sought to scare the Israelites out of the land of Israel, but Allah drowned Pharaoh together with all who were with him, and then Allah said to the Israelites; “Dwell you Israelites in the land of Israel and when the promise of the hereafter comes to be fulfilled Allah shall assemble the Israelites all together in the land of Israel. The Arabs and many Christians don’t know their own scriptures.

The Dutch newspaper called Trourv published an interview in 1977 with Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Zuheir Mohsen (1936-1979), he said; “The Palestinian people do not exist. The creation of a Palestinian State is only a means of continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. The Palestinians themselves admit that this whole idea of a Palestinian people is a LIE!

Hamas has plainly said there is no occupation. Gaza has 600 millionaires. Why don’t they help the poor?

Israel in good faith gave Gaza to the Arabs. The Arabs showed their gratitude by launching 6000 rockets since 2005. This year alone they have fired 570 rockets into Israel. If Mr. Soos is concerned about trauma, help the folks in Solerot who have been living in hell because of Arabs rocket fire. If Canada shot on rockets into the USA there would be instant trouble. The Arabs don’t want land, they want to destroy the Jews.

Israel helps market Gaza strawberry, peppers , etc. Israel sends and has sent more aid then all the do-gooders, The Red Cross has said; “No humanitarian crises in Gaza”, Friday, April 22, 2011, Ryan Jones.

If the Arabs would share their billions of waste acres with the people of Gaza, everyone would have enough. God has already said in Gen.17:20, “And as far Ishmael, I have heard thee: Behold I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceeding; twelve princes shall be beget, and I will make him a great nations.”


V. Leiding