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LETTER: Have something to say? Attend a city council meeting

From reader Brandon Morrison
Castlegar city council May 2022 Photo: City of Castlegar

We have just completed another local election. I’m writing this letter to the editor because this local election has given me the courage to voice my concerns within the place we all call home.

In my opinion, I think we have all let our city council/elected officials down. When was the last time you have attended a city council meeting to voice your concerns?

Did you fill a city council meeting with like-minded citizens voicing your concerns? Did we show council we didn’t agree with their public decisions on our behalf?

I’ve watched our local council meetings from the comfort of my laptop screen, I’m to blame the same as the rest of us. We have come to the turning point where we think social media is the answer to our concerns. Unfortunately, our opinions and concerns need to be put forward to our elected officials who have been elected by the citizens of the place we call home.

The simple answer unfortunately is for us citizens to get up and attend a city council meeting to give our elected officials the facts in person for them to make informed decisions based on the citizens who voice their concerns in person.

I already know the first excuses, COVID stopped me from attending the meeting. I looked backed and watched the council meetings before COVID — there was no one there!

I’m not writing this email to point the finger at anyone, we are all to blame. Our community is growing fast lets face it. Let’s work as a community to build it in a manner that benefits us citizens. Voice your concerns at a city council meeting.

Brandon Morrison