Letter: Praise for Castlegar ambulance crew

Gerry Sobie was pleased with how his neighbour was treated

My wife and I had occasion in the last few weeks to call 911 for paramedic attention for our neighbour. On both evenings, different pairs of highly trained and skilled professionals came to our neighbour’s home. It was a new and unique opportunity for me to see these people in action.

I was struck how they were calm, yet matter-of-factly they did their work. They managed to instill confidence and trust with our neighbour and us by their manner and actions. Observing each team in action, they openly communicated what and why they were doing what they were doing as they carried out all their tests and questions. Most helpfully, they shared with their patient her choices and trusted her to make decisions about what she wanted based on the options presented. We were very impressed and grateful that Castlegar has such well trained and highly qualified ambulance attendants serving us. We believe that we are most fortunate and well-served. Hats off to our paramedics!


Gerry Sobie

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