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LETTER: Property owners next to Merry Creek fire say thank you

The Merry Creek fire almost reached the home of Ralph and Vanessa Lunn
The Lunn family home was saved from the Merry Creek fire. Photo: Submitted

We live at the south end of Fernwood Drive. Our home was about as close as it gets to the Merry Creek fire, but incredibly, it survived. This was not a result of good luck, but the result of amazing efforts by the BC Wildfire Service, and many paid and volunteer firefighters from several local detachments.

We cannot imagine the effort that went into this coordinated attack, but we thank you all. We are grateful beyond what words can express for what you did for us, our neighborhood, and the community on the Canada Day weekend. You saved our home, and my honeybees!”

Ralph and Vanessa Lunn

Castlegar, BC


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Members of the Lunn family look at a small spot fire that broke out just 20 meters from their home. Photo: Submitted
Lunn Family property near Merry Creek fire Photo: Submitted

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