Letter: Remembering Peter N. Voykin

Letter: Remembering Peter N. Voykin

Re: Condolences to Peter N. Voykin (1931-2017).

With much sadness I and my wife Kristina Kristova heard about the passing of our dear friend, Doukhobor activist and stalwart singer Peter N. Voykin. Peter was an outgoing, friendly and jovial person with a deep voice who appeared to be singing all of his life.

For over 45 years he helped preserve the traditional mode of Doukhobor singing. People liked Peter very much. When he and wife Lucy held a series of Choir Workshops on the Canadian prairies in 1991 and 1992, one of the participants wrote: “They set up our societies into high gear in how to sing. And they inspired us how to sing from the heart.”

Peter was an ambassador of peace for his ancestors. In 1995 he directed the Voices for Peace Choir that toured across Canada, the United Nations in New York, and Russia. The Choir stopped in Ottawa and performed at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. With Kristina we were honoured when they visited our home. With over 100 people present, Peter led the choir with several songs. It was a memorable moment for all of us, our children, our neighbours and friends.

On his tour around the world, Peter and the Doukhobors in the choir proclaimed a new world order with Love, Non-violence, Equality and Brotherhood.

In mid-January 1996 Peter was again in Ottawa with Lucy, and with their dear friends John J. and Laura Verigin. As a quartet, they performed at the very impressive opening of the Spirit Wrestlers exhibition in the Canadian Museum of Civilization. They concluded with three songs in Russian, English and French. The audience of almost 1,000 gave them a standing applause.

Peter Voykin has made his mark as an outstanding person, Doukhobor activist, singer and supporter of global peace. He walked his talk and will be missed and remembered by all!

May he rest in peace.

Koozma and Kristina Tarasoff