LETTER: Speeding motorcycles hogging the road in Crescent Valley

‘I get the invincible youth idea but should I be scared witless trying to get groceries in Nelson’

Crotch rockets, also known as motorcycles, are a real danger on Kootenay roads. Driving into Nelson on July 23 I nearly had an accident with four of these vehicles. Going 150 km/hr, they weave around while hapless motorists have to pull over and avoid death. Obviously, they do not have enough brains to drive on our roads and should go have a gander at the Calgary hospital where all the banged up, paralyzed iron horse drivers end up.

I get the invincible youth idea but why should I be scared witless trying to get some groceries in Nelson? Where are all these cops? Nelson has two police forces constantly wanting a pay raise. How about making the roads safe for the people paying your wages?

Not impressed with BC road safety. Guess I’ll buy more stuff online and forget about the much ballyhooed “Buy Local” that Kootenay people like to shout from the rooftops.

Nick Chatten

Crescent Valley