Letter to the Editor: Brian Gray

Because of domestic and global events way back in April of last year I felt compelled to run in the federal election.

Because of domestic and global events way back in April of last year I felt compelled to run in the federal election. My platform has been in the public domain since mid-December of last year.

The main purpose of this candidacy is to offer Canadians an alternative to the bankrupt and dying City of London/Wall Street Banking Empire and the desperate British/US/NATO axis’ unjustified and unwarranted war drive against Russia and China. The underlying issue and critical imperative of my policy platform is for Canada to align with the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) nations and to join the Chinese initiated (AIIB) the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

The AIIB, and the BRICS New Development Bank are just two of a number of new multi-lateral financial institutions which are intended to promote collaboration on economic development among sovereign nations.

This commitment to infrastructure projects will boost physical trade between nations and benefit the entire world. Importantly, this multi-national cooperation serves as a much needed war avoidance strategy. As of mid-March, thirty-five nations have joined this new AIIB financial mechanism for development, with European nations Germany, France, Italy and Canada’s mother country Britain having just joined over the last week. It is all but certain that Austria, South Korea and Australia will submit their application for founding member status before the March 31 deadline. Obviously these countries and a growing number of nations are acting on this opportunity, realizing the merit of this key plank in my platform offered to Canadians.  So, where is our government in what is a profound shift in international financial affairs? Where are the Liberal and NDP voices at this pivotal juncture in the global political economy? It would appear that the two opposition parties are not really in the loop, they aren’t up to speed! Does our Canadian government have any interest in promoting world peace and global development? It would appear Stephen Harper is consumed in promoting the two main planks of his party’s platform, fear mongering and war mongering.



Brian Gray

Independent Candidate

South Okanagan-West Kootenay