Ten pedestrian crossings are set for improvements this year.

LETTER: Watch for pedestrians on Castlegar’s Columbia Avenue

Castlegar residents experiences one too many close calls

Watch for pedestrians

I am writing to voice the concern I feel while crossing the street each day to get to work. I cross Columbia Avenue at 17th Street two times a day, Monday to Friday. [This is the intersection near Uptown Shell, CIBC and Super 8]

At least four or five times a week, I find that drivers don’t seem to notice me crossing and seem surprised when they see me in the crosswalk. These are people turning left coming towards me and people turning right behind me. I am not sure what can be done to help people to pay more attention while driving.

I have felt a few times that I have come close to being hit and now in the last two days with the time change it seems worse. Today it was getting dark and the street lights were not on yet and I had to wave my hand at a driver who didn’t see me crossing. I like to make eye contact with the drivers but now that it’s dark I can’t. I hope people wake up before someone gets hurt or worse.

Karren de Repentigny

Castlegar, B.C.