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LETTERS: Castlegar Dog park neighbours growl over park behaviour

Millennium Park neighbours tired of noise and fighting
Castlegar’s dog park is the source of some neighbourhood tension. Photo: Betsy Kline

As a resident living next to the Millennium Park Dog Parks, I have tolerated and endured enough of the noise and volatility coming from these areas. The disturbances they create and the public nuisance that they are, wreak havoc on my neighborhood and us residents bordering the park.

Dogs bark constantly as owners yelling falls on deaf ears. Then more owners start yelling, sometimes at each other. The animals themselves are beset to run free; unleashed and uncontrolled, riding a high they actively engage and contribute grossly to the dust and the chaos.

It is very difficult to comprehend what is even happening down there sometimes. Never mind sitting down and trying to relax on my deck, as one of these events can erupt at any given moment on any given day. In fact, it is rare to find a time when there is no noise or activity coming from the dog park.

Off leash dogs, dog waste (feces), and dogs on beach areas where they are prohibited too are problems that increase the magnitude of the disorder throughout the entire Millennium Park. Dogs run at people, chase birds and other wildlife, and at times attack people or other dogs.

Enforcement has been minimal and ineffective.

The residents of 5th Avenue and 8th Street are asking the City of Castlegar to have these dog park areas closed permanently and removed from Millennium Park. Please understand this has been very challenging for us and endured over the years. Give some habitat back to nature and wildlife, and provide peaceful public spaces for the enjoyment of those who visit our park and for us residents who live nearby. I would also strongly urge those who support dog parks to advocate for them to be placed in their own neighborhoods.

Jarrod Beck

Castlegar, BC

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The dog park has become a concern for the families bordering it. Dogs barking for hours on end. People yelling and screaming at each other when there are dog fights. Sometimes people screaming when it sounds like the dogs are attacking them. This can be unnerving as you don’t know what is happening.

There are times we can’t enjoy our deck or yard as the barking becomes so loud and constant. You cannot have friends over for a barbecue as you cannot hear each other speak.

Owners are also allowing the dogs running loose to come into our yard and defecate and we end up cleaning up after them or they growl at us while the owner stands in the park somewhere and keeps yelling for them to come, but the whole time are being ignored by their pet.

The dog park is a privilege and dog owners need to be more responsible for the actions of their pets. This could help to stop the excessive noise volume.

We neighbours have been putting up with the noise pollution far too long and now is the time for our voices to be heard.

Oh, by the way I am a dog owner.

Wilma Miller

Castlegar, BC

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